Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Great Disappointment

Yes, these are my Red Norland potatoes today. My Irish Cobblers look about the same. They are done for, I'm afraid.

I'm not sure exactly what happened to them, but I have a feeling it was all the rain we got this spring/early summer. When I tried to dig one up to see what they look like under ground, the soil was water-logged dense clay. No wonder they didn't grow.

I have to admit that they started looking bad a few weeks ago. And the rest of my garden is thriving so much, I kind of ignored the potatoes. At this point, I'm thinking of just digging up what I can and starting over with my fall crops. Of course, I am worried about the quality of the soil but don't really know what to do about it. My dad said I could add sand to it for next year's potato crop. But I don't even know if I'll be doing potatoes again next year. Right now I'm leaning toward not. I will do sweet potatoes though. They're better for you anyway.

Oh, and I planted some broccoli and cauliflower seeds last night for my fall crop. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for those. My family loves broccoli. I'm not so sure about the cauliflower. But I like it anyway.

Today's local weather:
High temp: 90 F
Low temp: 68 F
Sunny and clear

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