Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ode to the Cherokee Purple

Ok, I will admit that the idea to plant Cherokee Purple tomatoes this year was not mine. My husband got the idea in his head that he liked the idea of a "Cherokee" heirloom tomato and I humored him by buying a couple of plants when I bought my Better Boys, Beef Hearts, Romas, and Sweet 100's. I figured it was just another one of his "big ideas". I stand humbly corrected.

I am here to testify that Cherokee Purples are wonderful! We will be growing them for the forseeable future. Not only are they an interesting and striking color of purplish red (see photo above), they are also flavorful and juicy. I know photos don't convey things like flavor and juiciness, but get a load of this:We like to slice up a tomato with dinner and eat slices with just a little bit of salt on top. One tomato is enough for our family of 5.

Our success with this variety has made me want to branch out and try some other "off the beaten path" varieties next year.

And one more tomato note...I have also been impressed with our Beef Heart tomatoes. They are quite huge. I never expected to grow something so large. They are also meaty and juicy (almost as good as Cherokee Purple, but not quite). Here's a photo of my 6yo son holding the two Beef Hearts I picked last night.

Today's local weather:
High temp: 81 F
Low temp: 58 F
Partly cloudy and windy

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