Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sticking with it

Isn't this a beautiful picture? This is my double shepherd's hook in the perennial bed leading up to my front doorway. It is meant to attract hummingbirds to our home. A sight like this really makes me feel like summer is here. Unfortunately, we haven't seen any hummingbirds yet this year. It seems really strange to us and we can't figure out where they are. They've been visiting us for years. And if this beautiful planter and nectar aren't enough, right behind them along my house are tons of red and yellow columbine plants.

As beautiful as things have been in the front, things in the backyard haven't fared so well. Mother's Day weekend I set out all of my seedlings. Usually that is a safe date around here. This year it has been unusually rainy and cooler than usual. Needless to say, my seedlings didn't do well. Everything I had started from seed died once they were set outside. Either it got too wet/cold for them or I just didn't harden them off long enough.

Anyway, I wasn't about to give up for the year, so we headed off to the nursery last weekend to buy new plants. I came home with four more tomato plants (bringing my total to 12), 4 cucumber plants, lots of bell peppers (4 green, 4 red, and 2 yellow), 2 zucchini plants, 1 sweet potato plant, a bag of yellow onion sets and bush green bean seeds, 4 lettuce plants, two large pumpkin plants, 3 miniature pumpkin plants, 4 baby watermelon plants, and 4 muskmelon plants. I put them out into the garden and after 5 days in the ground, they all seem to be doing well. The onion sets are even starting to sprout.

Today's local weather:
Low temp: 47 F
High temp: 69 F

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