Monday, May 26, 2008

Guano, fish, and blood

So now that I have just about everything in the ground in my garden, I felt it was time to add fertilizer. Yesterday we drove quite a distance to a store that sells organic gardening supplies. It's far enough away that we can't go there every day or even every week, but it is definitely the place to go to stock up on organic fertilizers and pesticides.

I bought two boxes of this organic tomato and vegetable fertilizer. We also bought one box of the variety for fruit and flowers for the berry garden. I went out and added it as directed to the tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and sweet potatoes. I'll probably go back and add it to other plants as they get more established.

I also planted my third succession planting of lettuces, spinach, carrots and green onions. I feel renewed hope for these veggies. The first planting of spinach never did come up and I assumed at this point it was too late in the season to count on much. I was ready to give up on the spinach this year. But now I notice that my second planting that I made a couple of weeks ago has come up. So I took that as a sign that I shouldn't give up yet. I also noticed tiny little carrot and green onion sprouts where, a couple of weeks ago, there were none. My lettuces are also looking good. I may have some good salad veggies after all. Now my only hope is that it doesn't get too hot too soon.

Today's local weather:
High temp: 79 F
Low temp: 63 F
Partly cloudy, scattered strong storms this afternoon

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