Friday, April 18, 2008

Prepping the beds

I've been busy with work since I last posted, but things have been moving right along with the garden. We had the guy come and plow our 20' X 24' garden plot. Then we bought materials and made a two-foot fence around the perimeter to keep the neighborhood wild rabbits out. Then I marked off my garden design using tent stakes and twine.

Today I bought 16 40-lb. bags of composted cow manure (that's 640 lbs.). While that sounds like a lot (and felt like a lot trying to carry the bags myself while everyone else was at school/work) it really barely covers the space I have intended for plants. I may end up sending Jeff back for more. I've opened all the bags, spread them out and have been using our garden claw to work the manure into the soil. I'm far from done, but my body is starting to give out. I'm in bad shape and I've definitely burnt some calories today. Here's how the garden looks right now:

Today's local weather:
High temp: 75 F
Low temp: 47 F


mathmom said...

Looks great so far! How big are each of your beds? Can you reach the middle without walking in them? If not what is the plan for weeding, etc.?

Mama G said...

The inner four beds are 5' X 7' with walking paths all the way around. Their are also 2' wide border beds in each corner (L shaped). The beds are small enough with the walking paths in between that we should be able to reach any spot from a walking path.